V-line lifting vs. gravity and time

SEOUL, South Korea (Bernama) -- In the recent years, lifting by threads or laser and simple procedures such as fillers or Botox are becoming more popular to maintain youth and look younger. Types of threads used have become more diverse and simple procedures are becoming more widely performed.
Senior patients were the main group for the lifting needs in the past, but it has now expanded to the younger patients in their 20s & 30s, who are seeking thread lifting for more V-shaped face in the minimal invasive way possible. Skin may sag regardless of age when the skin itself is thin and lacks elasticity, and in this case, skin elasticity and the face shape may be improved through thread lifting.
As social network systems such as SNS became active, so-called “selfie-group,” has increased, and accordingly, interest towards beautiful appearance has increased: Nobody wants double chin for their selfies.
Those who have double chin and excessive fat around their jawline can see great results from Power V without going through a square jaw reduction surgery. TL Power V pulls the SMAS layer while removing the fat within the jawline and cheeks, and stimulates collagen while tightening the skin.
With aging, comes sagging. Fat will start to accumulate in the lower part of the face, which will negatively affect skin elasticity in a long run, will widen the face. In this case, combination of thread lifting with Power V is more effective in solving the issues.
Director Jung Yeonho of TL Plastic Surgery stated that, “The age group for thread lifting is expanding and the types of thread lifting are becoming diverse”
In addition, Director Jung Yeonho stated that, “Power V removes the fat without cutting the bones, so the most natural results in the most dramatic way is expected,” and added that, “However, this procedural method requires a very challenging surgery of having to perform the lifting over phases, from lifting the part connecting the bones and skin texture deep inside the skin to the epidermis layer, thus, it would be proper to receive the procedure from a skilled plastic surgeon with plentiful know-how.”
- Bernama

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